Friday, May 23, 2014

We Are Four

Hi there! Long time, no write. 

I'm excited to announce that Lisanna will be a big sister this December! We were surprised to find out, but we're super excited!! They'll be 18 months apart; just perfectly close enough to be best friends. =] It's going to be a little crazy because I'll be having this baby right before I start my student teaching in January, but I know God's got us covered. 

School is out, and, after today, I'm off work for a couple weeks at least. Then I start summer school. Yay... Not. Haha, but it's okay, because it means my fall semester will be less overwhelming. Then I'll graduate next May! Yay for real! 

Anyway, just wanted to share the good news and pop out there in Blogland so you all know I'm not dead. Life has just been really busy! I'm hoping to do better at posting this summer, though.

Happy Friday!


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