Thursday, November 21, 2013

Birthday Date!

So please forgive the sporadic nature of my posts lately! The end of the semester is drawing near and I have been completely consumed with getting all my end of semester papers written and tests done. I really only have a couple of minutes even today to post this for you, but here are some pictures from my wonderful birthday date a few weeks ago.

I turned 22, so my mom watched Lisanna over night (yeah, my mom is the best!). The hubby and I went to one of my favorite restaurants: PF Chang's.

Herbivore note: Asian restaurants always seem to have a wealth of vegetarian items on the menu. There are a lot of things with tofu as well, which is always a plus.

After PF Chang's, we went and saw Ender's Game. It was fantastic! 

Then we came home and played video games all night. It was so fun to have so much time together and not have a baby to worry about. Although, if I'm honest, I was still a little worried about her. ;)

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