Monday, November 11, 2013

10. Beat a Video Game Together

So this last weekend we had my big birthday date as well as an extra day together because of Veteran's day. We figured this would be a good weekend to check beat a video. We talked to my brothers, the kings of video games, and asked them what the best game to cooperatively beat would be. So we turned off the blood, guts, and really foul language and set out to beat it. 
We played Friday and Sunday night to get to the final boss and just beat him this morning. 
Success!! It feels great to finish a game! I usually stop toward the end when it starts getting really hard. 
What about you? Have you ever beaten a video game? Which one? 

Oh, and here is Lisanna's 52! I was busy and lazy this weekend, so please forgive the iPhone photo. :)


  1. She's so happy! I love her.

    I've beaten Mario Bros with Kyle and Dad. Does that count?

    1. Yes, Julia, that totally counts. :) now that you mention it, I think I might've beat that too. I beat quite a few Mario and Donkey Kong games as a kid, I guess, but this is definitely the first one in a while!


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