Monday, October 21, 2013

The Zombie Run

On Saturday, Brandon and I did our first run [of many] together. We have a whole plan mapped out for how we're going to run a marathon together next October and the Wichita Zombie Run was step 1.

I first heard about the zombie run last year. I was even signed up for it and ready to run when I found out I was pregnant. In this race, not only do you run from zombies, but you have to scale obstacles as well. I was a little nervous about doing the obstacles with a baby on board, so I decided not to do it. That said, I was determined to do it this year!

A very bad quality photo from my mom's Android. This is Brandon running.
Me scaling some haybales.
The object of the race is to run from zombies. People dress up as zombies and try to take your three flags or your lives. You try to finish as fast as you can with as many of your flags as possible.

Brandon finished in 32 minutes and 5 seconds in 135th place. I finished in 38 minutes and 42 seconds in 193rd place. There were 323 runners altogether. My goal was run it in under 40 minutes, so mission accomplished! For my next 5k, I want to get it done in 35 minutes or less. 

There was a guy taking pictures with a super goofy photobooth kind of thing.
It was pretty sweet, so I, of course, had to mess around with all the clipart.
I love a good family photo. =]
Have you ever run a race? How long was it and did you meet your goal? Would you ever want to run from zombies? 

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