Tuesday, October 1, 2013

The Observatory

1. Find an object made in Italy.
2. Visit the ocean.
3. Go star gazing at the observatory.
4. Make s'mores over our fireplace.
5. Write and illustrate a book for Lisanna.
6. Go camping.
7. Visit out of town friends.
8. Take a unique class together.
9. Host a big party.
10. Beat a video game together.

Friday night we had a chance to cross an item off our adventures list. We wanted to go while it was still nice out, so we loaded up the beautiful babe and headed out to the Lake Afton Observatory. It was already dark when we got there, so we were able to go right in and look through the telescope. Some of the pictures are on my Nikon and some are on my iPhone. ;)

There were some cool exhibits.

Including computer games, but Lisanna just wanted her elephant and car seat toys.


Lisanna is starting to teeth.

So she's drooling and chewing on everything and everyone!

She doesn't think it's a big deal, though.

I knew we would be back a little past Lisanna's bedtime and she would probably fall asleep in the car, so I read her a book at the observatory.

Then she looked around with Daddy.
Last November
It's funny because the last time we were there I wasn't even really showing! This time we had a pretty big baby tagging along! =]

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