Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Photographing The Ordinary: 4th Month Doctor's Appointment

A few weeks ago, whilst perusing Pinterest, I happened across a post that talked about photographing the ordinary. The idea is that we, as photographers, need to quit being so lazy and break out the fancy camera for own everyday lives.
This is especially important for moms. So often, we just use our iPhones because, let's face it, iPhone pictures are pretty stinkin' good. But are they good enough? What if we actually had quality pictures of all those little moments that we're going to miss so much when all our little babies fly away?
After reading this post, I decided right then and there to not be lazy. I'm going to break out my nice camera because, while it's a little more hassle, it's worth it. So, in keeping my promise, I lugged my big ole camera up to the office with me. Here are a few pictures of my baby at her four month doctor's appointment. =]
Oh, and by the way, she is in the 90 percentile of height and weight. She is a beast! Haha.

Daddy made sure she was safe sitting up on that table. She likes to roll to her side.

Exhibit A.
She loves to talk.


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