Monday, October 7, 2013

My Life - A Little More Organized

June 2012
Confession: I have lived in my own household for over two years and am just now getting it together.

When we first got married, I was 19 and just stoked to be a little housewife. All summer long I cleaned religiously, vacuuming every other day and mopping almost as often. The house was spotless, dinner was on the table every night, and even the laundry was usually done.

That enthusiasm wore out as the honeymoon ended and real life came crashing back in the form of a job and a full course load at Wichita State. Slowly the house started getting less organized and more messy. Dinners began to mostly consist of McChickens and french fries while the laundry piled up or sat in the dryer for days on end. Our savings account slowly dwindled away until we were borrowing money from our parents just to pay the bills.

When we hit the first year mark, we realized that something had to change. We had to figure out where all our money was disappearing to and how to stop that. We had to stop relying on our parents to bandage up our scraped knees when we tried to live as if we were still just dating. We put our big kid pants on and made a budget. A budget that limited our spending: especially our personal spending money and eating out money.

This worked pretty well for a while, and we even built up a pretty decent savings account. I started to work full-time and that definitely added a little more cushion to our budget. The house was still a consistent wreck and we could have definitely saved more, but we didn't have to borrow money from our parents anymore.

Then the baby came, I quit working full time, money got tighter, and here we are. We had to cut back on the budget a bit, but we're doing really well. I feel like we've really found our niche. 

So what is our niche? 


We realized that if we don't commit to doing something a certain time, it won't get done. We found that we even need to schedule our money according to time, and it's really working.

We put our daily food budget into place with the incentive of saving for our dream travels and it's made me cook a lot more as well as coupon to save money.

We've been eating so much healthier and so much more affordably it's kind of ridiculous.

We're able to save the extra money and not go over budget so we're actually building our savings account up.

We finally scheduled cleaning the house in as well. We clean the house from top to bottom every Monday and Friday. That way, Mondays are pretty easy because we are just cleaning up after two days of mostly being out of the house, but Fridays aren't too overwhelming either because we're just cleaning up for five days. It was a lot of work at first, but now it's really only a 30 minute job because we clean so often.

We clean the kitchen up after I cook so it's not a huge mess by the next cleaning day.

I also schedule my school in so that I stay ahead of the game and don't have to sit out when I want to play. I'm only working 1 hour each afternoon, so that leaves me the whole morning to study. I have plans on Thursday and Friday mornings, so that leaves me Mondays, Tuesdays, And Wednesdays to get my school done. On Monday, I look at what is due and decide what assignments I'm going to do which days, then stick to my schedule. If something pops up that I missed or wasn't expecting, I still have Thursday and Friday mornings to catch up on it, I just have to get up a little earlier.

The next step is to schedule in laundry. It's kind of a big deal because we have to go do it at a laundry mat. We tend to put it off for way too long and have to spend forever at the laundry mat. Then the laundry sits around cluttering up the house for way longer than it should, too. I think it would be reasonable to do every two weeks, because by then we're not yet wearing dirty clothes, but it doesn't take up too many days of our lives. We need to set a day for that.

So yeah. That's my life and what's been making it function lately. Schedule, schedule, schedule. 

Are you a scheduler or one that just goes with the flow? What works for you? 

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  1. Very nice! :) You know I'm a big fan of schedules!


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