Wednesday, October 9, 2013

My Affordable Study Nook

So with almost two years of school ahead of me, I started thinking how nice it would be to have my own little area to keep all my school stuff organized and to motivate myself. I found the desk above at a garage sale for $10 and just ran with it. As you can see, it was pretty lovely with its' zebra duct tape, but I decided to peel off the tape and slap on a coat of chalkboard paint. Just so it would match my house's furniture better, of course. Why else wouldn't I want zebra print duct tape? ;)

This Saturday I hit Target up with my mom and my friend, Tamela. I found these awesome cork board wall hanging tiles for a little over $6. 

My motivational canvas was on clearance for $6.49.

I then stopped at the Dollar Tree and picked up sticky notes, paper clips, and pushpins. 

This picture is actually a greeting card I found at Target for $1.99 and I framed it with a $1 frame from the dollar tree. My utensils holder is a vase I found at a garage sale, and the pencil bags were $3 in the Target bargain bins.

So there you have it! My study nook for under $30.

Have you done any DIY projects lately? What do you think of this one? What's your favorite part?

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