Thursday, October 10, 2013

5 Fictional Characters I Would Fall in Love With

So as a challenge to myself, I thought it would be fun to make you all a list of the fictional guys I swoon over. Fair warning - they are a little unconventional. There's no Mr. Darcy, Mr. Butler, or Edward Cullen. This list might be a little nerdier than is conventional as well. But - here it is, nerdiness 
and all.

5. Grayson - I know, I know. He messed up big, but I really just can't get over how adorable it is that he loves Jane even though he doesn't really know she's Deb.

4. Link - The strong and silent type. He manages to save the world in every single dimension. *Dreamy sigh*

4.Flynn Rider - He is seriously the funniest Disney prince ever. And who doesn't love a sense of humor?

2. Wesley - Oh, Wesley. He does everything he can to get back to Buttercup and she treats him so poorly. Yet he still loves her. He's also hilarious.

1. Han Solo - That smile really says it all. Although, space smuggler with a wit would be a few words I could add. He would definitely be my first fictional man pick.

So what do you think? Do you swoon over these guys, too? Who would be your number one?

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  1. Yeeeah I'm all for the nerdy..I agree with Flynn though I my list would be something along the lines of Loki, Kili Oakenshield, Graham (Once Upon a Time), Richard Armitage (In anything Thorin, in North and South, or in Robin Hood), Hook (Once Upon A Time). :D


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