Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Texas Vacation

Okay, so you might be thinking, another vacation post? Let me explain.
Generally, Brandon and I go on one vacation a year with one of our families. This year, we went on two. Initially the plan was to go with Brandon's family near the beginning of August and my family over Labor Day weekend. Well, my family went that weekend, but our other vacation ended up being just the weekend before. We had a lot of fun, but it was really tiring! Brandon, Lisanna, and I are all happy to be home and probably won't be doing back to back vacations again any time soon. 

Here are some pictures from this trip!

We stayed at my Uncle Paul and Aunt Jane's lake house in Alvarado, Texas the first and last days.
Brandon and I walked around the dock on Saturday morning. We found this guy, along with many other creepy crawlin' critters.

 I dare say you can't find a more patriotic state than Texas.

Saturday afternoon and night we visited with my grandpa and new step-grandma Gilda.
 I didn't really take any pictures on my "fancy" camera, but we walked out on some deer right across the street when we were getting ready to leave. I hurriedly pulled my camera out and snapped a few photos... but any of you with a DSLR know there's really no such things as "snapping photos" on such a camera. That explains the overexposure and lack of focus.

Sunday we were back at Paul and Jane's, so we all drove out to hit Ft. Worth's Stockyards on the way home.

We visited a cute little tea and spice shop.

We wandered the halls.

And stopped at an awesome candy place where we bought every kind of taffy they had.

We ate the taffy while we walked along and guessed the flavors we picked at random. I think my favorite was the cinnamon roll kind. Yumm.

Then we headed out to wander the streets.

We stopped for something to eat at a place called the Love Shack.

Then Lisanna woke up and we snapped a quick family photo.

 After that we wandered around for a little longer with a fairly happy baby.

 And then met back up with everyone to say our goodbyes and head back to our home on the range.

Check out my instagram for a few more insta-photos. =]


  1. Good photos, Laura! Looks like fun! But yeah..back to back vacations with a baby? You craaazy. :)

    p.s. that picture of Lisanna and her ears???? Aaaaah! sofreakingcuuute

    1. I know, right?? Any picture I get of her with her little ears poking out end up just overwhelmingly cute!

  2. Dad really liked the photos. He had a good laugh at the Hippie Gingseng and the Love Shack. lol


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