Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Some Things You Never Grow Out Of

Did anyone else have a little plastic shopping cart as a child? I used to push one around my room and fill it with toys, plastic food and drinks, clothes for myself and my baby doll, stuffed animals, or even my little brother. I would take my cart of purchases up to one of my friends or family members and they would tell me an amount that could be anywhere in the range of fifty cents to a million dollars. The amount never mattered, though, because I would just hand over my invisible money and be happily on my way.
Does anyone else still like to pretend buy things with invisible money? Every now and again I just really want to go shopping. Instead of using my plastic shopping cart to pick up things I already have, I use a virtual shopping cart and Pinterest to pick up things I want. I go through a website, look at cute things at reasonable prices, and throw an unreasonable amount of them into my virtual cart.

When I run out of the store's items the fun ends. I return to my cart and slowly narrow it down to a couple of things that add up to an amount that fits with my budget. Then I pin all the things that didn't make the cut to the Pinterest board my family buys off of for my birthday and Christmas.

So what about you? Do you ever do this or do you have another way of curing the shopping bug? :)

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