Monday, September 9, 2013

Our Ten [Planned] Adventures

Every once and a while, I get a little restless. You see, I don't think that I was made to stay in Kansas my whole life. I've always itched to travel and have planned to move away from here as soon as possible. Realistically, that won't be at least until I graduate which is a little less than two years away, and I'm okay with that. But sometimes, my restless heart gets the best of me and I want to plan all these great adventures. 

If any of you have a child, are a college student, and/or make just enough money to pay for your one bedroom apartment, repairs on your old cars, and a few shopping indulgences every once and a while, you know that "great adventures" are very limited by time and money. A lot of things cost a lot to do, and, we can't do much last minute because it either depends on Lisanna's mood or if we have a babysitter. That means that these things take a little more planning than they did before we had a child. 

Last night, Brandon and I sat down and came up with 10 realistic and affordable things that we want to do before this year ends. That means that we'll have at least a couple of things to do each month that have been planned out enough to actually happen. 

1. Find an object made in Italy.
2. Visit the ocean.
3. Go star gazing at the observatory.
4. Make s'mores over our fireplace.
5. Write and illustrate a book for Lisanna.
6. Go camping.
7. Visit out of town friends.
8. Take a unique class together.
9. Host a big party.
10. Beat a video game together.

I already have all these great ideas swimming through my head on how and when to accomplish every single one of the things on this list, but I need to take it slow so that we have things to do every month. This month I'm hoping to at least go to the observatory and find the Italian object. Maybe, just maybe, if it cools down, we can squeeze in the camping this month, too. ;)

What do you think of our list? Would you like to do any of these things? What would you add to the list? 

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