Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Nursery DIY Round-Up

1. Clock: Target $6.99
2. Photo: This was a gift that someone got for me. She bought a print like this and framed it.

Hi there! So, the fact remains that some of my most popular posts are all of the nursery DIY that I did while I was pregnant with Lisanna. I've been seeing more of my followers getting ready to pop out their own little ones, so I thought, why not make it easy for them by putting all of my DIY in one place? So here it is! Comment to let me know your favorite part of my nursery. =]

7. Pink Hamper: Babies 'R' Us $22.99
9. Crib Skirt: 3 1/2 yards Ruffly JoAnn's fabric laid over bottom of crib.
10. Cube Organizers: Target $1 Rack


  1. I love the elephant mobile. Cute nursery!

    1. Thanks, Char! Yeah, I think the mobile is my favorite part, too. ;)


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