Thursday, September 19, 2013

Budgeting, Our Savings Jar, & Another Award

So do any of the rest of you have the Groupon app on your phone? I get little pop-up notifications that tell me about all of these great deals for amazing trips that I would love to go on. Right now, though, those trips just can't be a reality unless we really, really save. And we're really not very good at saving... We have a savings account for emergencies and always say we'll save the extra for trips, but that never really happens and we always go over the food budget buying take out.
So I came up with an idea to kill two birds with one stone! Instead of trying to buy all our food at the beginning of the month, or eating out so much that we go over when I don't want to eat beans for the 5th day in a row, we're breaking our budget up into chunks. We took our whole grocery/food budget, divided it by thirty, and that is the allowance we have for food each day. We have that money to spend in cash, and that money only, on fast food. If we're buying groceries, we have to take that from the following days and have no fast food money left. For example, say we have $10/day. We spend $50 on groceries on Monday so we don't have any more food money until Saturday.

So where does the savings jar come in, you ask? We get to save the leftover cash. Say we don't buy any fast food or any groceries in a day, we have that $10 that goes straight into our amazing trips savings jar. This is a great motivation for us to eat at home and to save money on groceries by actually shopping sales and coupons. The more money we save on food, the more we get to put into savings. And, because it's all doled out daily, we never have the chance to go over our budget.
So, in case that was a little confusing, here are some bullets on what we're doing:
  • Figured out what our monthly budget is a month (i.e. $300/month)
  • Divided that number by 30 days ($300/30 days = $10/day)
  • Get cash out for each day (a $10 bill for each day)
  • Stay within that $10/day for fast food and put what cash is left over into the Amazing Trips Savings Jar
  • If we buy groceries, that comes out of the following day's money. (i.e. I spend $20 on groceries on Monday, we're out of money until we get the next $10 bill on Wednesday)
I'll check in intermittently with you guys to let you know how it's going and how close we are to taking our trip. I'm super excited about this! Right now we're saving up for a trip to Ireland, and we might actually achieve our traveling dreams! =]

The amazing Ashley over at The Ramblin' Rooster nominated me for the Liebster award! As you might know, I've already done a post on this award, but I am just so honored to be nominated again that I still wanted to answer her questions. So here's a little bonus about me! =]

1.  What is your favorite thing about your blog? My favorite thing would have to be my blog's name. I love pink and I love dinosaurs and, while I know that all herbivores aren't dinosaurs or even vice versa, that's what I always have in mind. A super cute pink dinosaur munchin' on some veggies. 
2.  What is a goal you have for your blog 1 year from now? My goal is to have at least 100 followers.
3.  What tends to influence you most when you're writing a post? Generally, I just post about what I want to post about. I do think about what my followers would want to read, but I figure that ya'll are following me because you generally like what I post anyway so I just try to put a lot of heart into it!
4.  Are you a dog person or a cat person? I'm not much of an animal person, really, but I do prefer dogs.
5.  Favorite vacation spot? Any beach. I've only been to a beach once, but it was the best vacation ever.
6.  Favorite thing to do when you're not blogging or sitting in front of a screen? I love hanging out with my family.
7.  If you could write a book about your life thus far, what would the title be? The Unbelievably Happy Life
8.  Favorite sport and team? Mmm, I don't watch sports... I love playing basketball and tennis, though.
9.  Are you a reality TV or scripted kind of person? Definitely scripted.
10.  Do you take your coffee leaded or de-caf? Leaded! I need me some caffeine!
11.  Do you prefer a physical book or an E-reader? I like physical books, better. Unless it comes to text books, really. It's great to be able to highlight without marking in a real book and using an online search definitely beats an index.

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