Saturday, August 3, 2013

Video - My BFF Moby, A Basic Moby Wrap Tutorial

So any of you moms out there use a Moby Wrap? It's basically God's gift to moms. I got it as a gift at one of my showers and was wayyy to intimidated to use it for the first several weeks. If you have one, you know there, it is really huge. Then I made the mistake of looking at the instruction booklet with is just the most confusing thing ever. I finally went to youtube and found a video explaining it, and have been happily using it ever since. Actually, I'm such a master (not) that I made a how-to video of my own.

Click "Read more" to check it out! =]

Tell me about it!
Do you use a Moby Wrap? Do you like it, too? Is there a different fold that I should learn?

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