Monday, August 5, 2013

Lisanna's Dedication

It's unbelievable how quickly time passes when you have a little person keeping track. I cannot believe Lisanna is already over 7 weeks old. She's gone from being a wide eyed babe that only cried and pooped to a wide eyed babe that smiles and coos when her daddy gets home from work, recognizes those that have loved her since day one, and makes every single one of my days so much brighter. Oh, yeah, 7 week old Lisanna cries and poops, too. 
Brandon and I dedicated Lisanna at church yesterday. Basically, that just means that we went before our whole congregation and let everyone know that we plan to raise her in a Christian home. That we'll do our best to share God's grace and love with her. That we'll pray that she will accept and embrace that grace and love.

(This is ME being dedicated by Pastor Don!)
The cool thing about this is that my pastor is the same guy that dedicated me. So generations and stuff, ya know? It's pretty awesome how we ended up there, because after my dedication my parents quit going to his church. We went to a different church for 12 years and then I individually went to a couple others. We ended up back at his church about 3 years ago when my parents started going again. They suggested it because Brandon and I were looking for a church at the time. We were still dating and I was a senior in high school. 3 years later, we're married with a baby and Pastor Don dedicated her. I love how God works. =]

Find out more about Pastor Don, our faith, and our church here.

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