Saturday, August 17, 2013

5 Minute Fancies - Metallic Gift Tags

Yay! I'm excited to bring you another super fast, cheap, and easy DIY project. Here's what you need:

Paper Gift Bag/Heavy Duty Paper
Hole Punch
Metallic Acrylic Paint
Piece of card stock paper

Please excuse my weird greeting; I'm still getting used to this!

Not fast or simple enough in the video? Here's how in 5 steps!
1. Cut a square big enough to make a few tags.
2. Using the card stock to keep a strait line, paint about an inch on one side of your square.
3. Use your sharpie to make two lines per tag, then make them into arrows by putting two diagonal lines on either side if one end, then write your "to" and "from" message.
4. Cut your tags apart and punch a hole in the gold part.
5. Tie your twine through it and onto the gift bag.

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