Saturday, August 10, 2013

5 Minute Fancies #1

Okay, so I love doing crafts. Really, I do. I just never seem to get around to them because they are costly and, honestly,

However, I thought it through and decided that I could actually do DIY if it could be done for a low cost and wasn't time consuming. Thus, 5 Minute Fancies was born!
I'll post at least once every other week and sometimes once a week, because once I get excited about something, I run with it... and I'm pretty excited about this. =] (I'm just gonna throw some periods in there and pretend that wasn't a horrific run-on sentence ;)

I came home this week to this beautiful bouquet from my amazing husband. Now, this is a pretty big deal/sweet thing coming from him because he is not a big fan of flowers. He once heard a comedian say, "Here, I got you flowers, now watch them die" and he really agreed with the guy and decided flowers weren't the best idea. He usually gets me candy now instead, which is nice, but now getting flowers is extra rare and extra special! This time, I wanted a way to celebrate the beautiful flowers instead of just watching them die and then tossing them out. So I found a way and that is this week's fancy!

This week is a Pressed Flower Frame. I love the idea! It's beautiful, cheap, and quick. If you don't have a bouquet sitting around you can always just go pick a pretty flower or find a nice leaf. You can do it with anything you can press! 
Alrighty, so here is my super quick, super awkward how-to! (Hopefully I'll get less awkward in front of the camera as this series goes on!) =]

After you do it, comment and let me know what you pressed! I'd love to hear about the different plants you celebrated with this craft. =]

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