Sunday, August 11, 2013

30 Day Photo Challenge - Days 14 through 17

With my new layout, I can make the pictures extra large! What do you think? =]

Day 14: Silhouette 
So I'm pretty excited about this picture because I did absolutely no editing. This is true-blue the picture I took and it came out exactly how I wanted it to. I am so glad that this photography challenge is legitimately helping my photography! I break a smile every time I use my photo editing software to correct the white balance and it does nothing, or I change the exposure and it messes it up. Improvement is truly exciting!

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Day 15: Sunset 
On the other hand, I'm not terribly excited about this one. I couldn't get a clear shot over the neighborhood in the way, so I might be traveling to a field sometime soon to try a do-over of this picture.

 Day 16: A Good Habit
I honestly don't read my Bible often enough, but it is a great habit that I'm trying to get back into!
"You cannot bring people into the presence of a God with whom you do not spend time."

Day 17: Technology
(no editing again!)
This is my new Chromebook that I bought for school. I'm pretty excited about how convenient it will be for school this fall. 
P.S. The sweet green case and the file-looking case are for its' protection, but they look pretty sweet, right?



  1. You have a Nikon D70S?
    I used to have a Nikon D80 and loved it... I even figured out a way to rig a Holga lens on it - hahaha

    1. That's cool! The D70S is the only one that I have experience with, but I love it. My sister-in-law is a professional photographer and she recommended it to me. Still, I'm pretty sure all Nikon's are similar. Thanks for stopping by the blog - I hope to see you around here some more. =]

    2. For sure, they're all just (essentially) upgrades from each other... I originally had the older D60 model... but upgraded so that I could have the image overlay... but my last roommate (roomie free since July 2011) stole it and sold it when she didn't have money to pay her half of the rent (claiming it was community property since I left it in our living room)... if she had told me I would rather have paid her half of the rent than have lost a camera (with lenses and accessories) that was worth way more than what she sold it for - hahaha

      Nikons are definitely good quality

    3. Wow! Sounds like it's a good thing you don't have a roommate anymore. My only roommate has been my hubby, so I was pretty lucky to skip that whole adventure. =]


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