Sunday, August 18, 2013

30 Day Challenge - Days 22 Through 25

Day 22: Inspirational
Nature inspires me more than anything else. Clouds, rain puddles, and trees all make me happy and make me want to whip out my camera. That being said, I just couldn't pick out only one picture!

Day 23 - Patterns
You might recognize these patterns from this last week's 52! I loved how they were all different yet still complemented each other.

Day 24: Animal
Well, we actually don't have any animals in our family, but we happened to be over at a friend's house this night. Say hello to Sydney, the dog that is probably older than your child.

Day 25: Strangers
This day, I went to a little town carnival that was full of strangers. I loved how all the rides were just set up in the middle of the town and you could find regular town fixtures that weren't moved.

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