Friday, August 30, 2013


This picture captures what I wake up to every morning. A happy baby in her co-sleeper cuddling with her blanket and scrunching up her legs. Nowadays, I wake up to her cooing instead of crying. When I say good morning to her she looks me right in the eye and gives me a huge smile. She really is completely amazing. She is so happy all the time.
I am blessed.

Each week, I get Lisanna all dressed up for her Fifty-Two photo shoot. This week, I decided to leave her in her jammies. Honestly, that is much more realistic than the cute outfits I normally dress her in for photos. 
As long as we're at home, she's in her pajamas. Brandon and I love pajamas because they're so much easier to change if she spits up or poops on them. We don't have to fight her to get pajamas over her head and they just zip or snap right up. Plus, they have feet so her toes aren't cold.

What's your favorite type of baby clothes? Are some easier to change than others? 

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