Thursday, June 20, 2013

Then Comes Baby in the Baby Carriage...

As day six of Lisanna's life draws to a close, it's safe to say that my life has changed tremendously. Brandon and I are learning so much about Lisanna and being her parents each and every day. It's already hard to believe that we were ever without her. 
We have been so blessed by this child. She is amazing. She is so perfect from her head right down her long legs to her little toes she gets from her daddy. She is content to sleep and coo almost all of the time. She has even stopped crying during diaper and clothing changes if I can move fast enough. She will wake up and cry every 2-4 hours but is content as soon as she is fed and changed. I thank God every day for such a patient baby, because we definitely need the leeway as we learn.

Here are a few of the things we've learned since day one.

1. If she's fed, but crying, check her diaper.
~The first day I fed her and held her and she wouldn't stop crying. The nurse came in to check on us and I asked her what to do. "Have you checked her diaper?" There was never a question that made me feel more like a new mom.
2. Don't wake her up out of a deep sleep to feed her right at 3 hours.
~Our first night was a nightmare thanks to that. She'll wake up when she's hungry, so as long as it hasn't been a ridiculous amount of time since the last feeding, let her sleep.
3. Always burp her after feeding her.
~If she isn't comfortable, she's going to cry. Plus, she might spit up all over your clothes instead of on the burp cloth if you're not careful.

These are all things that should be no-brainers but when there's a baby crying herself blue it's really hard to think. I'm glad we have these figured out, and I'm sure we'll keep learning more. 

She is so precious and I love cuddling her. It's amazing because I can hold her whenever I want. I'm the one who calls the shots and I'm her favorite. ;) I'm so thankful for this little blessing and am looking forward to all the years to come that I have with her.

For those of you that are moms, what are some things you learned with your first baby? Anything happen that made you feel completely inadequate or just plain silly?


  1. You can let them go 4 hours at night (3 during the day), the LCs at St. Joseph told me that, and it worked wonders at helping Josiah get started at figuring out he needed to sleep more at night!


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