Saturday, June 8, 2013

It's a beautiful day to have a baby...

Well, I'm due in 4 days! I can't believe it's finally so close. I feel like I've been pregnant forever, but in other ways it feels like it's flown by.
Brandon and I are so ready to meet our baby girl! I've been forcing myself to pay less attention to my body so that I don't rouse myself at ever tiny ache and discomfort. I know if I go into labor at night it will wake me up so I've just been focusing on sleeping while I can.
It's been great spending so much time with Brandon, but I'm getting bored of sitting around waiting for him to get off work. My summer plans are to take care of a baby, so I'm ready to have that baby!
I know she will come in God's perfect timing, so I'm just hoping that time is sooner rather than later.
Anddd I'm not above trying to speed things along. I've been walking, bouncing on the exercise ball, eating pineapple, and everything else those silly old wives recommend! :)

My husband is in awe of the coming birth...
"I just want to have this baby already!!"
"No, don't lecture me for being impatient. Pregnancy is long!"
"Laura, I wasn't going to lecture you. I was just gonna say that we're having a baby. *smile* In two weeks at the most we'll have /a baby/."

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