Wednesday, June 26, 2013


Ever since the birth of our daughter, my husband has started saying the greatest things. Sometimes they're funny, sometimes they're cheesy, and sometimes they're just too sweet. I thought it would be a fun idea to record them so that, when she's a little older, Lisanna can read all these things her daddy said about her.
That being said, here goes: Daddyisms #1.

"Are you crying because you have my ears? I'm sorry." 

"I think she has the hiccups..." Mommy
"More like the cute-ups." Daddy

"Is it weird that anytime Lisanna is quiet for a while I wake her up a little just to make sure she moves?"

"How could you ever be frustrated with her? She's so cute."

*Lisanna was crying, then it was quiet, then the crying started again. I walked into the room*
"I was singing the 'no' song to her. It worked for a little while."


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