Friday, June 21, 2013

Birth Story

So my due date was Wednesday the 12th. After my contraction scare at 34 weeks I had unwittingly decided that my bundle of joy was going to come early. I finished up work on the 23rd, made sure everything was in order, and started to get anxious. Hoping to bring my delivery day around, I made sure I walked or swam every day and tried all the old wives' tales that everyone was only too willing to share. I ate pineapple, drank raspberry tea, bounced on the exercise ball, and made sure I paid extra attention to my husband. 

My due date came and went without any event. Thursday rolled around and I decided to go garage selling with my mom. All the walking couldn't hurt, could it? I was tired after the walking and felt a little sick, so I spent a lot of the day sleeping. Later that evening, I watched Juno on the exercise ball and started feeling a few contractions. I then walked for 1.6 miles on the treadmill. After my hubby got home from church, we watched some tv. At about 11:45 I was still contracting, so I asked him if he wanted to go ahead and go to the hospital. He said that we should wait as long as possible and he should get some sleep. He went to sleep and I caught about thirty minutes of sleep before the contractions woke me again. Around 3:45, the contractions started to get pretty uncomfortable. I decided to use the restroom and then wake Brandon to see what he thought. When I went to the restroom I lost my mucus plug and knew it was time to go.
I woke him up and we left about ten minutes later. We stopped at McDonald's on the way because I knew that, if I was really in labor, I wouldn't be eating for a while. 

On the way up the elevator to the labor and delivery floor, my water broke. They checked me in, asked me a bunch of questions, then checked my dilation to see if it was really my water that broke. I was only dilated to a two, but my water had really broken so they admitted me. (This made me extremely thankful that we didn't go in at 11:45 because they would have just sent me home at a two)

I was so excited because my water breaking meant that I would meet my new baby girl in less than 24 hours.

The first six hours crawled by with no progress. Around eight in the morning, the doctor found out that not all of my water had broken so she went ahead and broke the rest. That dilated me to a four and we were hopeful. I walked the halls and bounced on the exercise ball to speed things along, but three hours later I was still only dilated to a four. 

My doctor wanted me to take Pitocin, but I wanted to deliver without an epidural (you can read why here) and had heard that Pitocin would make it unbearable. I begged for an extension and tried the whirlpool tub, but still didn't progress. My husband and I talked it over and decided to allow just a little Pitocin.

They gave me the equivalent of a teaspoon and an hour later I was dilated to a six. They gave me another teaspoon and after that, things started getting a little painful. I bounced on the ball and had my husband push a pressure point on my lower back. About 45 minutes later, the contractions strengthened considerably and I felt the urge to push. 

The nurse got me back into the bed, called my doctor, and I started to deliver. About 45 minutes later, I met my new baby girl. 

I had done it. I had delivered my baby girl without an epidural. I felt accomplished and wonderful and all the doctors and nurses made it seem like it was an impressive feat.

I just did it for my baby. And my body. I was up and walking around less than two hours after birth and it felt nice to stand on my own two feet again.

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