Sunday, May 19, 2013

Final Preparations

So ever since my little hospital "scare" I've kicked things into high gear. Before I went in, I was just comfortably sitting and waiting to do all the final preparations. I thought that when work was finished for the summer on the 23rd, I would get started. After going to the hospital, I realized that I should probably get things done before that, just in case.
*Don't forget to vote on baby L's attributes while there's still time!*
I made a mental list of the most important things I needed to get done and set off doing them in that order. Here's a glimpse of what I've done.

#1 Hospital Bag Packed
I read through pins and posts and lists on what to bring and ended up deciding that it would be better to have too much than be missing stuff I need. I packed an assortment of things including a change of clothes for me and the hubby, deodorant for both of us (you're welcome, hospital visitors), dry shampoo, cash for the vending machines, various cosmetics, and phone chargers.

#2 Closet Organized, Gifts Put Away.
The next thing I had to do was make space for the many gifts we were blessed with. I knew that they had to have a place outside of the my living room floor, so I sorted out the closet. The closet was filled with things we moved with us into this apartment , but hadn't touched since. I had 6 closet cubes filled with this junk and managed to throw/give away stuff to get it down to one container. I also decided that I didn't much care for my current organizers on my changing table. Pretty as they were, they were too tall, making it hard to reach in, and I realized that it would drive me crazy digging through them for clothes each day. Not to mention, I might accidentally miss some of the cutest outfits until it was too late. That being so, I bought 40 hangers, which got me through the newborn, 0-3, and half of the 3-6 month sizes.

#3 Freezer Meals Made
I have not been much of a cook this last month. I've been exhausted from work and just life in general, so I won't lie to you and say that I've been making home cooked meals every night. Or any night, really. We've been eating out so much, and with only 3 1/2 days left of work I'm ready to get back to cooking. Before that, though, I want to make sure we have food for after baby. If I don't even feel like cooking now because I'm tired and pregnant, I'm not going to put that on myself when I'm a tired new mommy. I made 6 different meals that amounted to about 10 meals in all, so I think that's a good start. My little apartment freezer really can't hold much more at the moment, anyway.

#4 Bedroom/Nursery Organized to Make Space
As soon as I laid my eyes on the awesome co-sleeper my father-in-law made me, the wheels in my head started turning. I knew that there was no way it would fit in the current way we had our bedroom organized. I also knew that the only way to make room was to organize the closet first and make room for our laundry baskets to stay in there instead of the bedroom. With the closet organized, I could actually start on this!
Yesterday Brandon and I finally moved things around and made it work. It's definitely cozy, but that's okay. There's a huge difference between cozy and cluttered and I'm just glad to have graduated from cluttered. We knew this apartment was going to shrink with an extra person in it, and we're okay with that.
*We moved the tv into the bedroom about a month ago because I just can't get my massive body comfortable on our couches. That will have to revert back to an actual changing table soon, though!

#4 Started Shopping Garage Sales
I've been going every weekend to pick up some of the baby things I want but I'm not exactly willing to buy at full price. One of the things that I really want a lot of is books. I plan to have a reading time with baby L every night before bed (as soon as she starts sleeping at night!), so I need lots and lots of books. I've been looking around for board and cloth books mostly so that she can utilize them as soon as possible. Here is my modest collection that is slowly growing.
*Don't you love the adorable elephant frame? Don't worry, as cute as that model baby is, I'll be putting a picture of baby L in there as soon as I can. ;)

#5 Found Something to Do Postpartum
I really hate sitting around and staying at home for any length of time. I can take the occasional day to rest and sit at home, but I'm going crazy thinking of doing this for 4-6 weeks. I know that I will need some sort of distraction to keep me sane and to keep my husband in the house with me. His birthday is Wednesday so I researched and found a game that we can play together. I got him Skylanders, which is a Spyro game, and gave it to him a little early since I haven't been feeling up to doing much already. We've been having a lot of fun with it and are pretty excited about the many characters we can buy to vary the game. Here's to hoping that it gives us many hours of postpartum entertainment.

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  1. Eek! It's getting soooo cloooose! The nursery looks fabulous! :)


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