Saturday, May 11, 2013

30 Things - Week 12

23. What’s your favorite holiday and why?
My favorite holiday is definitely Christmas. I just love the Christmas time of year. I love the atmosphere filled with the hustle and bustle and Christmas cheer as well as all the family time that is undoubtedly set aside every year. I love not sleeping and then standing out in the cold on Black Friday with your grandma. I love Christmas break when I have extra time to spend with your daddy and catch up on things around the house. I love picking out and buying gifts for everyone, and of course, receiving a few, too.  =] I love the cold weather and the hot cocoa and the holiday shaped sugar cookies.

24. What’s your favorite and least favorite thing about parenthood? 
I don't know yet. ;) I promise I'll update this answer after I figure that out.

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