Wednesday, April 3, 2013

What's in My Belly? Contest

Hello, readers and bloggers! I cannot explain to you how excited I am to share this post with you today.
It involves all of my favorite things: my baby, cute, crafty things, and something that I will get to share with one lucky/skilled guesser in this new contest!
(I apologize in advance for the excessive use of exclamation points, but I am really excited about this!)
Now, I call it a contest because you actually have to do something more than enter to win. But don't worry! It's super fun, I promise. ;)
I opened a "baby pool" on a website called "What's in My Belly?". It's this awesome little site that lets people enter their guesses on all the aspects of my baby. You get to guess what day she'll be born, what time it will be at, what color her hair and eyes are, her length, and her weight. It polls it all together in nice little pie charts and averages. Plus, when she is born, I get to find out who had the closest guess.
How fun is that? =]
I'm so excited to see all your guesses!
But wait, there's more. ;) It gets even better! Not only will you earn bragging rights if you get anything/everything right, but whoever gets the most aspects right gets to win a box full of stationary and paper supplies from the brilliant mind of Zie over at ZieDarling
These boxes are filled with fun little supplies that you will love! But don't let me do all the talking! Zie was gracious enough to agree to a guest post here on The Pink Herbivore, so you get to hear from the mind behind the magic. 

Don't forget to enter the contest to have a chance for bragging rights and an It's Paper, Dear giftbox!
How did you come up with the idea for It's Paper, Dear?
 Last summer my mother and I were gabbing about some of the make-up/fashion subscription boxes we had received. And while we loved the idea of a box of goodies coming to us each month, it wasn't exactly our thing. But paper on the other hand, now that is our thing. 
I am always excited for "back to school" explosion of beautiful pens and pencils, the smell of new books, and the crisp feel of notebook paper. And I often find myself wandering into paper stores and office stores just to grab a new pen or a new journal. (And my friends can attest that they've had to drag me out by my hair more than once, heh.) 
But I’m not alone. I’ve discovered quite a few people who are just as excited about paper goods as I am, and possibly even more so. Other people who get giddy over paper bits & pretty pens. So with that in mind, I’ve decided to launch a monthly subscription box all about paper goods in order to share our obsession and our passion. Because honestly, what could be better than “back to school” coming once a month? 

How do you decide what to put in the boxes each month? 
As each box has mostly the same kinds of goodies, I try and keep each box part of the Darling Dear aesthetic but different from the last. Some months have obvious themes, some have relative color or pattern themes, etc. But each box starts one of two ways: either I pick a theme I want to achieve (based on the season, hinting at holidays, etc.) or I find an item (sometimes being something teeny tiny) that I'm inspired by and want to build an entire box around. And then I start collecting things that fit it. Often I have boxes planned months in advance, but sometimes I completely change them at the last minute, hah. So it's always a surprise, even to me. 

What's your favorite part about making them?
Ok, this is the "dirty little secret" part of the interview, hah. And I have two answers. The first: Anyone who follows my twitterinstagram or blog knows that I have a bit of a stationery, paper, and shopping in general addiction. Just a bit. And luckily having this box and sending it off once a month, means that when I get a little crazy and start gobbling up all of the pretty things I see, I can in turn, share those with other people. It doesn't lessen my addiction by any means, hehe, but it does prevent me from ending up on "Hoarders" >.< 
The second: is of course, my amazing customers. And you might think that has nothing to do with making the boxes, but it actually does. I read every bit of feedback, every tweet, every message, every email and I've been so lucky to have gotten to know my customers quite a bit over the past months. And so I take all the information they give me (their favorite parts, the parts they were "eh" on, things they like to make, their interests etc.) and put as much of that into the box as I can. So as my customers and I get better acquainted, the more the box grows. And that's been really fun :}

Do you keep one for yourself?
Haha, I always want to, really I do. And a couple times I've almost got to keep one. But each month I have a limited number of boxes, and I've been blessed enough to usually sell out completely, so there isn't one left for me. Now that being said, sometimes I get to keep a couple little bits here and there for my own use, but more often then not, the boxes are happily sent out for others to play with. Though, in the next few months, I'm hoping to be able to building in a "buffer" so I can keep some and start showing different uses for things from each month. Fingers crossed! :)

If you do keep one for yourself, how do you usually use the different papers/supplies?
When I do get to keep things from the box, I often use them for my own snailmail/penpal partners letters and packages. But I also use them in my own paper crafting (Project Life, smashbooking, art journaling, etc.) And sometimes, I'll be real honest, I end up keeping them just to look at them, hah! I have an entire stack of goodies that I can't bring myself to use or cut up just because they are so pretty or interesting. For instance, I've had this one sheet of gold glitter paper for nearly a year now and I just can't make myself use it. It's too pretty! >.< Silly, I know.

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  1. Ahhh, I was just raving about how much I love paper the other day to my sister!!! This is lots of fun! I'm excited about entering the contest and checking out Zie Darling's blog. Thanks for sharing!


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