Sunday, April 7, 2013

Weekend Update!

My new rockin' floral sunglasses from Wet Seal!

Hello, there! I hope you've all had a great weekend so far. Mine was pretty awesome. I had a sleepover, won a team competition, did some shopping, DIY'd a racerback tshirt, watched the Shockers *almost* win in the final 4, and went out on a date night with the hubby.
What did you do?

I totally forgot to take a before picture, but this was a $6 t-shirt that I bought from Plato's closet that also happened to be an XL. So my friend Cassie and I turned it into a racerback using this awesome tutorial and then I also cut and tied the sides so it would fit a little better. It was nice because I got to pick the exact size that I need to accommodate my little passenger. (guess all her attributes for a chance to win here!)

After the game, Brandon and I went to Old town for some shopping and dinner. I found this beaut at Beadazzled for $0.91 after tax! I then put it on a chain I already had and viola! New necklace for under a dollar. =]

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  1. Nice! I need me some new shades BAD. I don't like investing in them though because I tend to break them too fast.


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