Monday, April 29, 2013

Weekend in Photos

This weekend was a busy one! 
Complete with family in town, a baby shower, a picnic, kite flying, tennis, slushies, a movie, and getting all my maternity pictures back! There really is too much to say it all, but I have plenty of pictures that do just that. Check them out. =]

We made cake pops! Stop back by on Wednesday and I'll let you know what trial and error taught me while making these. =]

That's our diaper bag! Pretty cool since Brandon's gonna be hauling it around. ;)

Date Day! =]

All of these nextphotos are by my awesome sister-in-law Amber over at Jade Street Photography! =]

Don't forget to go guess the attributes of our little painted bundle of joy for a chance to win! Just click here. =]

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