Saturday, April 13, 2013

30 Things - Week 8

(15.) Describe when you knew your spouse was the one or how you fell in love.
Your dad was my best friend before we fell in love, so my falling for him was beautifully gradual. At first, I just liked to hang out with him because he was fun and humorous, so we hung out in groups of friends and at church. After a bit, we started hanging out with each other's families and I eventually realized that he was the first guy I've ever met that I could see myself being with forever. I had made a promise to myself that I would never date a guy that I couldn't see myself marrying, and your dad was the first guy that met that criteria. After we began dating, it didn't take long before I realized I never wanted to stop being his girl. I was only 16 when we started dating so we had to wait a few years before getting married, but that was pretty much the plan after the first 3 months. :)

(16.) What are your 5 greatest accomplishments?
1. Graduating high school.
2. Learning enough Spanish to study abroad in Mexico
3. Learning to play the piano.
4. Getting your dad to marry me. :p
5. Having a job where I can help others everyday. 

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