Friday, March 22, 2013

Day 5 - DIY Crib Bumper

DIY Crib Bumper (for a standard size crib – 52” x 34”) in 5 steps

Materials Needed:
2 fabrics cut out at 56” x 11”
2 fabrics cut out at 38” x 11”
Full size foam mattress
Optional – Sew on velcro so that you can remove the cases to wash.

1. Sew all your fabrics together like pillow cases, leaving one side open.
2. Cut out foam (it was about 18” cut across for height, with the length just being that of the full sized mattress for a two layer filling in each of the longer ones and only 35” across for the shorter ones) and stuff into cases.
3. Either sew velcro on the ends or sew ends closed.
4. Place bumpers inside crib and find where you want to tie the ribbon around the bars.
5. Sew on ribbon and tie to bars.


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