Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Creative Antiquing 1,2,3

So today's craftiness is all about antiquing and simplicity.
On Saturday, I went to this giant antique store with the sisters I like to borrow from my husband. It was seriously the biggest antique store I've ever been in. We spent at least an hour and a half there (I'm not sure exactly how long) and didn't even finish looking at everything! 
Well, since I know that you're dying to see what I bought and how I used it, I'll tell you all about it. ;)

First, I bought the sloth that you see up there. Why? Because I've recently discovered that sloths are adorable. At least baby and stuffed versions. 
I mean, seriously, how cute?
Plus, I'm not opposed to having my baby girl carrying around a sloth doll like Mizuki.


I found these adorable animal trading/flash cards. I thought it would be a nice break from so many elephants to add some other animals. I picked all those up for $2.50, spent $1.00 on ribbon, and $2.00 on the baby blue clothespins that you can find in the baby shower section at Hobby lobby. Ta-da! Super cuteness for barely over $5. =]


Lastly, I bought this cute little bucket for putting on the table by the door. My husband and I always have the hardest time finding our keys, so I decided it was time to do something about it. The idea is that we will throw our keys in the bucket the second we get inside. Now we just have to get in the habit!
I was so excited to find this bucket. It really complements the green onyx chest set that I bought for Brandon in Mexico. =]

What are those adorable black wooden animals, you ask? Stay tuned! That's tomorrow's DIY! ;)


  1. You have quite the talent! Makes me want to have a baby just to do all those cute things!

  2. Cute! :)

    P.s. you can borrow me from B any time. ;)


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