Monday, March 25, 2013

An Early Anniversary

So my husband and I will have been officially married for 2 years this coming May 28th. 
I know, I know, "May 28th??" you say, wondering why I'm even bringing it up over 2 months in advance.
Well, here's why.
Our baby girl is due on June 12th, barely 2 weeks after our 2nd anniversary. My husband and I discussed it and both came to the conclusion that we wouldn't be able to go out of town or do anything really fancy at that time. For one, I don't want to go into labor on the road out of town and, for two, I'll barely be able to move with the baby consuming so much of my being. 
Spring break was really the only logical time to take a trip, because we could leave on that Friday as soon as he got off work (which is generally around 1 in the afternoon) and neither of us would have to take extra time off (I'm off for spring break since I work at a school; otherwise I work until 5 on Fridays). 
We decided to give ourselves a pretty tight budget because we are saving up for our baby and all the bills that come with her, so we stayed close to home. 
We went to Kansas City, Missouri, which is about 3 hours away. We found a cute little 5 star bed and breakfast with rave reviews. We stayed there Friday, just relaxing and enjoying hurry free time together, then on Saturday we went to the big shopping mall in Kansas City before heading home. 
I took quite a few pictures on my new camera, but most of them were pretty bad due to indoor lighting and lack of focus. I think I got a little cocky with my new camera, but that was a good reality check for me. I broke the manual back out this week and have been experimenting with modes outside of Auto.
I took about half the pictures on my iPhone anyway because I didn't want to lug my camera around the mall for the 3 hours we spent there. I kinda wish I would've had it for the beautiful old school, union train station, but my poor pregnant body was so worn out by the end that I don't think I could've managed to carry it. My hubby would have without complaint, but he was already carrying my purse by the end. :)
Anyway, we had a lot of fun! Here's a photo journal of the trip.

We got a room upgrade because other people cancelled in fear of the oncoming snow!

There was a cute little balcony outside of our room.

He needs haircut, but he's still pretty cute. :)

The sitting room.

The door to the balcony.

"I look like a whale." -Me
"I've never seen a whale that looks like you. If whales look like you, I would want to go whale watching." -The hubby

(iPhone pictures from here on out, except for the last two pictures)
We ate dinner at this little bbq down the street called TNT. 

Playing checkers at at antique mall.

He kicked my butt.

We ate lunch at a Japanese restaurant. It was amazing.

We visited the Crayola shop!

In the long link to the Union Station.

Union Station ceiling.

Kansas City

It started snowing pretty fervently so we had to leave around 4.

Practicing using a fast shutter speed on the drive home.


  1. Great pictures and a wonderful way to spend your anniversary. I love bed and breakfasts. I know your mom can't wait till that bundle shows up. I enjoy reading your posts though as I told your mom the other day - they make me want to have a baby so I can make all those cute things!

    1. Thanks so much; I'm glad you enjoy my posts because I love writing them! :) oh, and, you know, one of the many wonderful things about the Internet is that it lasts. That way, if and when you do have a baby, you can come back and use some of my ideas. ;)


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