Monday, March 18, 2013

A Crafty Spring Break - Day 1

Hello, everyone! Happy spring break! I hope you get to enjoy this in some capacity, even though I know that most of you aren't quite lucky enough to have a whole week off. :) 

As promised, I got right down to crafting this week! I decided to do a craft a day, mostly for you, but partly because I have all these wonderful DIY projects that I want to do and never seem to have the time for. I definitely have time this week! 

Today's DIY is simply some colorful, affordable furniture repurposing. 

For those of you that don't know, my husband and I live in a cozy one bedroom apartment. We're perfectly content here, and there's no doubt that there's plenty of room, but the place is starting to shrink anytime I think of adding a third, even if tiny, person. 

Sure, the little nursery corner is fitting everything we have so far, but that's only the crib and changing table. I know I can squeeze a diaper pail in there, too, but what about all the baby clothes, books, toys, play mats, bouncers, bath tubs, and everything else that comes with this tiny little bundle of joy? 

Now, we are fortunate because this apartment has so much storage. An entire wall in our bedroom is a closet, we have a pantry, a closet by the door, and a little bit of storage underneath the furnace. However, there is a lot of stuff that has just gradually piled up and consumed all of this wonderful storage areas. 

This being so, I'm starting to work on clearing all the junk out and organizing the stuff that we actually "need" so as to best utilize the space. 

So my husband loves books. A lot. For every birthday and holiday that rolls around, he adds at least a couple more books to his collection. 

When we were engaged, he bought a big, tall, black bookshelf. I needed one for my little collection as well, so I went ahead and bought the matching, yet shorter one. As these almost two years have passed, our bookshelves have gotten fuller and fuller and, consequently, more cluttered. We finally decided we need to upgrade to two big ones, and I was left with the decision concerning what on earth to do with the little one. We don't really have enough books to fill it in addition to the bigger one, and plus, we have nowhere to put it. It was in our room, but now the baby corner has stolen its space.

I have two big confession for you today.

1. My husband and I are not naturally organized or clutter free people. 
2. I have way too many shoes.

So, in our particular case 1+2=bookshelf for shoes. 

DIY Bookcase Sprucing/Repurposing

I wanted it to be cute! So I spruced it up with some $1 wrapping paper from the Dollar Tree and some cardboard from the box you see in our baby reveal pictures. Here's how to do it!

1. Measure the back for each individual shelf in your bookcase and then cut cardboard of that size. Make sure that you cut it for a tight fit, so that the cardboard will stand on its' own.
2. Wrap the cardboard with some pretty wrapping paper.

3. Pop the cardboard into place.

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