Sunday, March 24, 2013

30 Things - Week 5

9. List 10 people who have influenced you and describe how.
In no particular order -
(1.) My mom/your grandma - As a little girl, I always said that I wanted to grow up to be just like my mom. Now that I'm grown, I see that, in a lot of ways, I am very like my mom. And that's okay. :) I just pray that I will be such a role model to you, baby girl, that you can say the same thing when you're all grown up.
(2.) Your dad - he makes me a better person. He lets me know when I'm not acting like I should and his encouragement makes me want to change all my negative aspects. He helps me grow in my relationship with God and makes me step outside of my comfort zone.
(3.) Jesus - obviously he is the ultimate example. :)
(4. & 5.) My Sunday school teachers - they taught me all about Jesus and loving others.
(6. & 7.) My youth leaders - they taught me to read my Bible everyday
(8.) You - you're not even here yet and you've already changed my thinking about almost everything
(9.) I have been thinking about this for 3 days and just can't think of anyone else!
(10.) So, bloggers, what about you? Who has influenced you?

10. Describe your most embarrassing moment.
When I was 14, I had a job at this little family owned fruit store. Around Halloween time, the owner bought me a pumpkin costume. I was "too skinny" so she also bought balloons that we blew up and stuffed inside the costume. Then she sent me out to wave at passing cars. As if waving at random strangers wasn't bad enough, the guy I liked at the time saw me and stopped to say "hi". I went home crying that day; I was so embarrassed and upset.

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