Friday, February 15, 2013

What Time Is It? Valentimes!

My husband is amazing.

This Valentine's Day was the last one we will have for a long time in which we don't need a babysitter. So we just did whatever we wanted!
Our Valentine's actually started a week ago Thursday. To save money, we both budgeting $20 each to spend on Valentine's Day gifts. We bought little $1 and $2 things from Dollar Tree, Dollar General, and Target and gave one or two each day. My stash included candy, glow bracelets, a little bear holding a heart, and colored bubbles. What I got him included a Nerf crossbow, a bouncy ball, a book, kites, and root beer floats. It was fun; just silly stuff but something to look forward to everyday.
Wednesday we went and saw Warm Bodies at the Old Town Warren and ordered our Valentine's Day dinner there. I really liked the movie! It was really funny and it was an interesting twist to the many, many zombie movies out there right now.
On actual Valentine's Day I was off work thanks to conferences. I slept in, then cleaned the house and worked out. Brandon came home with a single rose and some more candy for his fat, pregnant wife ;) 
We ate lunch together, watched a little tv, then took a nap. When we got up we decided to head to Lindsborg to visit the castle in Coronado Heights. 
Windows down in February because my crazy pregnancy hormones were making me sooo warm that Brandon wanted to play Freeze Out
We hadn't been there since we were dating and, even then, it had been during the day. Seeing the little lights twinkling in the distance was a whole new kind of beautiful. 
After Lindsborg, we came home and played a little Ticket to Ride on my phone then fell asleep in each other's arms.
Our Valentine's Day was absolutely lovely.

I love being married to this man.

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