Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The First Time's the Charm

Alright, so I utilized my online coupons and was pretty happy with the results. My receipt was filled with bolder discounts for a grand total savings of $14.13! How did I do it?
I followed a few tips from America's cheapest family!
1. Take stock of what you have and buy ingredients to complement what is already in your cabinets.
2. Check sales and coupons to see what you can get a double discount on.**
**I didn't think I could do this, but I did! My hubby chows down on frozen waffles so I took advantage of a sale and coupon! A single box of 10 waffles is normally $2.50, but they were on sale for $1.99 and then I had a coupon for $0.40 off. So I got them for $1.59 a box. That's about $0.16 a waffle! Sounds good to me!
I also double discounted on Ragu, which is awesome because we like our pasta! It is normally $1.77 a jar, it was on sale for $1.69 and I had a coupon for $0.50 off, so I was able to get each jar (which usually makes it through two separate cookings) for $1.19. And this is the good stuff!
3. Make a meal plan and shopping list based on what is in your cabinets and what is on sale. ***
***I also thought this was going to be harder than it was. I scoured the ads and found the big sale items. Mangoes, avocados, fish, broccoli, and cheese were all on sale. So, I simply searched each ingredient on Pinterest and made a meal plan based on these.
4. Only buy what is on that list. 60% of purchases are impulse buys.****
****I told my husband before we left that if he wanted something, it had to be on the list. He did good not asking for anything extra, but it was hard for me! For example, I forgot to put bananas on my list and they were in sale, but I refused to buy off my list. I will have to get bananas next time!

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