Saturday, February 2, 2013

Stitches and Pictures

So today I made my first graphic design picture. I drew the elephant on an online sketchpad, then filled him in with a bunch of different colors to make a picture. It is being developed as I type, so I will pick it up soon and frame it, then post it for you to see soon. =]
Also, my mom and I were able to pretty much finish my elephant mobile!
The elephants ended up being so small that we had to glue them together (so they're double sided, I was just going to sew them) and then stitch them by hand! We just couldn't thread the little guys through the machine. 
Sewing by hand really wasn't too hard or time consuming because they all have a little eye poked out, so we just threaded through that.
So now that this step is done, all  have to do is glue them onto my weaving ring and I'm done. I''ll post a final picture as soon as I finish it!
Oh, and I finally found the wall decal that I wanted!
I'm hoping to get this up tomorrow along with my mobile and two pictures. I really hope that it all comes together just as well as I am imagining it. =]

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