Monday, February 25, 2013

Fish Scale Paper Lanterns Tutorial

Well, with yet another snow day to pass, I decided to find a Pinterest project to work on. I found a tutorial on how to make these beautiful, flowy tissue covered paper lanterns. I decided to make three for my three main nursery colors: blue, green, and pink. I'm happy with how they came out! Here is how I did it with some tips on how to avoid a little of the trial and error I had!

What you need:
Tissue paper
Paper lantern
Tape or Hot Glue Gun

First, you'll want to cut your tissue paper into circles. Cut them however small or large you want them. I made the pink one first with large circles, but decided to make them a bit smaller with my subsequent ones.

Next, roll your tape so it's double-sided and stick it to the top of the circles you cut out. Make sure that the tape is parallel to the grooves in the lantern so it will stick better. 

Last, tape from the bottom up, making sure to overlap for the full fish scale effect.

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  1. I love the laterns! Thank you for the tutorial! I don't know how you wish in your country for the new baby, but I wish you that it will be healthy, have a lot of fortune and that will make you proud parents!

    1. Thank you so much! I'm glad you liked the tutorial. =]


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