Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Calendar Printable and Cheap Organization

Calendar Printable
There's not a whole lot to do when you're stuck at home. No work because of a snow day and no car because the hubby's at work. That being said, I've been getting a lot of crafty stuff done! 
First of all, I made this awesome dry erase calendar! 
I'm pretty excited about it because I think it's really cute! 
Anddd, guess what! If you want this one you can
print this one for free. =]

Shelf Organization
In other news, I finally found the organizers that I wanted for my changing table! I'm so excited because I've been searching and searching for an affordable way to organize the shelves and just happened across them at Target the other day. Basically 4 bins for $3 as opposed to the average $6-$8 each.
One of my many rules for bargain hunting is as simple as this:
When at Target, always, always check the bargain section.
I found these closet organizers that are intended for hanging in a closet. Well, I don't want to hang them in the closet, so I figured I would just lay them on their side.
Wrong answer.
They collapsed in on themselves when I did this.
But never fear! I have a cheap way to convert these into shelve organizers.
Simple cut out cereal boxes to fit the inside and no more collapsing. 
It seriously took me all of 10 minutes and cost me absolutely nothing. 

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