Thursday, January 31, 2013


So now that my hand isn't cramped up, it's back to what every woman I know likes to call "nesting." I decided to paint an elephant! I searched Pinterest for elephants that I like and ended up combining a few different designs with my own ideas. 

I started by tracing a circular lid and one of my necklaces to make a flower. 

Then I drew an elephant, put some designs on the elephant and started painting! 

After I finished painting the details it was time for the background! I dabbed some paint on the canvas and spread it around using a raggedy old dish towel. I then finished it by painting the word explore. I'm really happy with it! 

Now I can really start on my wooden L and just match it to my paint colors. :)

Joel 3, Amos 1
Reading through the minor prophets is kind of a tough thing to do. Since the prophecies have to do with Israel, it 's a little harder to apply to my life. Today they just made me think how glad I am that God decided to save the Gentiles, too! I would not want to be on his bad side. ;)

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