Saturday, January 26, 2013

Baby Elephants

Saturdays are the best. Today was fun, productive, and restful! I was able to fix some glitches on this blog, work on some nursery stuff, watch some "cartoons" with the hubby, and spend quality time with family. :)

Feeling HUGE!
Paint Sample Mobile
I am SO excited about my newest project! I know, I know, I'm doing a lot of projects right now, but I am just so excited about my baby! I need to do something, anything to prepare for her and pass the many days before her arrival.
My newest idea: paint sample mobile, idea courtesy of Pinterest! This is hers:

So I went to the store to get a circle puncher and walked out with an elephant puncher. My nursery theme is elephants and I'm super excited to incorporate them into the mobile. :) I picked out the samples to match the colors of the bumper fabric and I'm really happy with how the different colors and their respective shades came together. Here is your blog-exclusive preview. ;)

"It (lightning) changes direction, turning around by His guidance that it may do whatever He commands it on the face of the inhabited earth. Whether for correction, or for His world, or for lovingkindness, He causes it to happen. (Job 37:12, 13 NASB)

God has a reason for everything He does. If you start to wonder why something is happening wonder whether it's for correction, lovingkindness, or the world. :)


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